‘We will do everything to help Serbia on this difficult road’

Slovakia Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini and Serbia Prime Minister Ana Brnabic also signed a pact cutting Serbia’s debt to Slovakia from about $24 million to some $7 million, payable within 45 days.

31.05.2019 – 10:09

Slovakia is a steadfast advocate of Serbia joining the European Union as part of its enlargement, said the Slovak prime minister on Thursday.


« We will do everything to help Serbia on this difficult road » to the EU, Peter Pellegrini told a joint press conference alongside his Serbian counterpart Ana Brnabic. Speaking during an official visit to Serbia’s capital Belgrade, Pellegrini said that Slovakia is prepared to help Serbia on its road to EU membership. He also said that Slovakia understands the Serbian « frustration stemming from the fact that Kosovo imposed a 100 percent duty on goods from Serbia. »

« We absolutely agree with Serbia that this measure is against all agreements, the CEFTA [Central European Free Trade Agreement], and represents the destruction of trust in this region, » said Pellegrini. Pellegrini also said that Slovakia will maintain its policy of not recognizing Kosovo. However, Slovakia supports dialogue under which the other party or Kosovo fulfills obligations under the 2013 Brussels Agreement, he added.

Brnabic said Serbia and Slovakia enjoy good, friendly relations, as well as better economic relations.

« This shows that the Serbian government is repaying its debts made more than 25 years ago. We’re a responsible and reliable partner and we will do everything in our power to show that they can count on us anytime, » he said.

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