Social Media Goes Alight In Turkey After Dessert Makers Road Rage Against Allegedly Pregnant Woman

Road rage (unfortunately) affects drivers all around the world and footage has gone viral across social media in Turkey showing a pair of men intentionally damaging another car on a highway.

Ahval News reports that the incident occurred on the D-100 highway in Istanbul and footage posted on Twitter appears to show the two men brake checking another car.

Just seconds later, the two men exit the dark green Citroen and approach the other vehicle. One of the men repeatedly tries to open the door of the other car but it is locked. The man and woman inside the car can be heard shouting and apparently, the woman was repeatedly saying that she was pregnant.

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Despite that, one of the men lets his anger get the better of him and attempts to rip off the driver’s side wing mirror by pulling on it and hitting it. As he makes his way back to the Citroen, he climbs over the hood of the other car and jumps on it, leaving a huge dent. Footage then offers a glimpse of the damage and confirms that the car was a white Skoda.

A Turkish newspaper quickly identified the perpetrators as Hasan and Hüseyin Sel who reportedly own dessert brand Seydi Oğlu Baklava.

Armed with the identity of the men, local authorities have reportedly called in Hasan Sel in for a statement. It remains to be seen if he or Hüseyin Sel will be charged for their horrible actions.

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